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Federal Crimes

Augusta GA – Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you are in the Augusta GA area and are suspected or charged with violating a Federal Law, then contact an exerienced defens elawyer. Some Federal crimes are:

Computer Crimes
Controlled Substance Violations
Bank Fraud
Bankruptcy Fraud
Child Pornography
Money Laundering
Multi-Level Marketing
RICO Crimes
Immigration Law Violations
Internet Fraud
Accounting Fraud
Drug Trafficking
Export/Import Crimes
Tax Crimes
Securities Fraud
Social Security Fraud
Military Crimes
Gun Law Violations
Health Care Fraud
Customs Violations
Drug Manufacturing
Drug Possession/Sales
Corporate Crimes
Weapons Charges
Wire fraud
Computer Hacking
Mail Fraud

If you or a loved one are accused, suspected, or charged with committing a Federal offense in Georgia, then you should contact an experienced attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Our Federal defense attorneys are based in Augusta GA – Georgia.  Our lawyers vigorously defend drug cases in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Jefferson County, Harlem, Waynesboro, Appling, Thomson, Louisville, Blythe, Hephzibah, Grovetown, Lincoln County, McDuffie County, Lincolnton, Fort Gordon, Richmond County, Columbia County, Burke County, Girard, Aiken South Carolina, North Augusta SC, and in Federal Court. We can help you fight your Federal case. Call (phone).

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