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Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions


Arraignment is the appearance in court of a defendant who is formally charged with a crime and asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. If the Defendant does not respond, the judge will enter a plea of not guilty.

Miranda warning

Miranda warning is the verbal warning given by police officers to the suspects at the time of arrest. Police officers must warn suspects upon arrest that they have the right to remain silent, that any statement that they make could be used against them in a court of law, that they have the right to contact a lawyer and that if they cannot afford a lawyer, that one will be provided.

First offender probation

To help first time offenders get the life back on track, the State of Georgia has develop a special program. First time offenders with no prior conviction and facing charges of a non-violent felony can apply to this program. If they successful complete the program, they can continue to have a clean record. However if they fail to complete the program, they could be sentenced to the full prison term.


A person sentenced to a term of probation must comply with a variety of restrictions on his or her activity during the entire term. Any violation will result in the probation being revoked. Violation of any general conditions of probation is considered a technical violation. Technical violation will result in revocation of probation up to two years. So the person has to go back to jail. Once out of jail, he or she must complete the time left on the probation. Violation of special conditions of the probation or conviction for a new crime during the probation will result in the probation being revoked for the rest of the term. The person must serve the remaining sentence in jail.

Conspiracy to commit a crime

Planning or preparing to commit a crime together with one or more persons is a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Deferred adjudication

To help first time offenders get the life back on track, Georgia has a special program. The first time offenders will have the charges dismissed if they go through probation, complete a drug rehabilitation program and comply with all the requirements. During the probation and rehabilitation, the adjudication is differed. However, if the requirements are not complied, the charge will be adjudicated. This program is available only for first time offenders.

Forcible misdemeanors and Gun rights

In Georgia there is a specific list of misdemeanors which are considered forcible misdemeanors. Most family violence misdemeanors are considered as forcible misdemeanors. Any misdemeanor that involves the threat of violence or actual violence is also considered a forcible misdemeanor. If convicted, the person looses the right to carry a firearm. If the person is employed and his job required him to carry a forearm, he is mostly likely to loose that job.

If you are convicted of felony, you cannot carry a firearm.

Arrest and Immigration

If you are in the US as an immigrant, a criminal record will affect your right to remain in the US. In some cases, you may be deported back to your country.

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