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Drug Crimes

Augusta Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Our Augusta Georgia lawyers handle the following offenses:

  • Drug Possession
  • Marijuana crimes
  • Methamphetamine crimes
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Cocaine crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy to traffic
  • Drug use
  • Possession with Intent
  • Drug distribution
  • Heroin crimes
  • LSD crimes

Georgia Drug Laws

The drug laws in Georgia are tough and the penalties can exceed the sentences in violent crimes, even certain homicide cases. Georgia law requires minimum sentencing on conviction. The federal government will take over the case if the quantity of drugs seized exceeds a certain limit. If you have been charged under Georgia drug laws, contact an experienced Georgia drug defense attorney.

Drug possession

You will be charged with drug possession if a police officer finds that you have illegal drugs. You need not be actually holding the drugs in your hand. You are considered to be the owner of drugs found in your pockets or clothing, car or home, or any place over which you have control. If an officer finds drugs in your briefcase or purse, you would be considered in possession of those drugs. You can also be charged with drug possession if police find the materials to make a drug or the equipment to use it.

Intent to distribute

If the police officer finds you with a certain amount of drugs or catches you trying to sell drugs or if an officer finds you with a scale, or even wads of money in certain circumstances, you will be charged with intent to distribute which is a more serious charge than simple drug possession. The penalties are more severe if you are caught trying to sell drugs to children. The amount of drugs required to prove this charge depends on the type of drug involved.


You will be charged with drug distribution if you are caught selling, making or transporting drugs. If you are caught distributing drugs to children or near a school, you will face harsher penalties. The sentence will depend on the type and amount of drug involved. You must register as a drug distributor if convicted. This will make it difficult for you to get a job.

Sentence for possession charge

Your sentence will be influenced by many factors including your prior criminal record and your willingness to enroll in a drug treatment program. You can be sentenced to prison if you are convicted of a charge of possession with intent to distribute. Contact an experienced Georgia drug defense attorney if you are charged with drug possession.

Drug schedule

Drugs are assigned different schedules based on various factors like their dangerousness and addictive ability and separate drugs with medical uses from drugs that are considered strictly recreational.

Schedule One drugs have no medicinal use and are considered recreational only. They include Heroin, Marijuana, LSC or Acid, Psychedelic mushrooms, STP, THG, etc. Schedule Two drugs have some medical use, but also have a high potential for abuse. Cocaine, Morphine, Codeine, Opium, Oxycodone (OxyContin, Percodan), Methadone,
Amphetamines, Ritalin, PCP are examples of schedule two drugs. The penalty for possession of Schedule One and Two drugs is two and 30 years in prison, or more depending on the amount and prior convictions. Schedule Three drugs are those with a medical use and a lower potential for abuse than Schedule One and Two drugs and includes Anabolic steroids, LSA, Hyrdocodone, Talbutal, etc. Schedule four drugs have a medical use and a lower potential for abuse than Schedule Four drugs including Lyrica, Cough suppressants containing codeine etc. The penalty for possession of Schedule Three and Four is one and 10 years in prison depending on the amount of drug and prior convictions.

If you or a loved one are accused, suspected, or charged with committing a drug offense in Georgia, then you should contact an experienced attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Augusta GA Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Criminal lawyer PJ Campanaro defends the following drug offenses in GA State and Superior Court:

Drug Possession – Drug Distribution – Drug Trafficking

Drug Crime Overview

People who are accused of drug crimes in the state of Georgia can find themselves facing some serious consequences, and these penalties vary depending on the substance in question, the quantity, and whether it is a matter of simple possession or a charge of selling or trafficking drugs. The severity of the penalty is derived from the Georgia method of drug scheduling, which is intended to categorize illegal substances based on the perceived harm that they cause.

Drugs like Heroin, ecstasy (MDMA), and LSD are considered Schedule I drugs, while cocaine and methamphetamine are categorized as Schedule II drugs. Other controlled substances that have less potential for addiction and abuse, and that do have a recognized clinical use, fall under Schedules III, IV, and V and the penalties are less severe for possession or sale of these drugs.

Marijuana is also an illegal substance in the state of Georgia, and though the penalties for violation of marijuana laws are less severe than they are for harder drugs, they are still formidable. A first offense for simple marijuana possession of less than an ounce is a misdemeanor in the state, and after successfully serving a period of time on probation the charge can be dismissed. People who are charged with possessing more than an ounce, and those who are accused of selling or trafficking marijuana, face much harsher penalties. Possession of more than an ounce of marijuana is felony that can result in between one and ten years of incarceration. A conviction for the sale of between ten and 2,000 pounds of marijuana carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in jail and a fine of $100,000.

Anyone who is being charged with a drug crime should immediately retain the services of a Georgia criminal lawyer who specializes in defending those have been accused of selling or possessing illegal substances. There are many issues surrounding drug cases that can be examined and used to defend the accused, such as probable cause and proper search authorization. In many instances the charges can be reduced, or sometimes dropped altogether. Georgia drug lawyers handle these types of cases every day, and they have the knowledge and expertise that it takes to facilitate the best possible outcome given the specific details of the case.

Accused of a drug crime in Augusta, Evans, Richmond County or Columbia County GA? Then call, PJ Campanaro, a hard hitting criminal defense lawyer today.

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