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When you engage in a daily commute to and from work or spend a significant amount of time on the road on a regular basis, you are invariably going to be exposed to people engaging in what could be described as aggressive driving. Ironically, people who see other drivers as obstacles who are slowing down their own progress are in fact doing more to cause traffic slowdowns than anyone, because aggressive driving is the cause of a lot of the accidents that take place on the freeways that bring traffic to a standstill.

Most of us live busy lives that can sometimes get hectic, and when you have to be somewhere by a certain time and the deadline is getting closer stress can build. This can lead to taking chances and driving more aggressively than you should. However, this is the opposite of the way that driving is supposed to be approached. The best way to make sure that you arrive safe and sound, stay out of accidents, and keep your drivers license in good standing is to drive defensively, not offensively. And in fact, engaging in defensive driving practices can enable you to react to dangerous circumstances that are created by people who are driving aggressively.

In Georgia there is a law against aggressive driving, and it is one of a dozen states who have this specific statute on the books. It is a serious charge that results in an assessment of six points against your drivers license along with a hefty fine. Though aggressive driving is a problem that needs to be reined in, it is somewhat subjective, and many people who are given a citation for aggressive driving feel as though they were not intentionally being aggressive. Aggressive driving is defined as attempting to intimidate another driver, and it can be hard to prove that this was the intention of the accused. If you have been charged with aggressive driving, the best course of action is to retain the services of a good Georgia traffic ticket lawyer who has a background of successfully defending clients who have been accused of this specific infraction in the past.

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