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Reckless driving is one of the more serious misdemeanor traffic offenses in the state of Georgia, and it is a charge that is rather subjective to a large extent. It is up to the officer on the scene to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the incident and decide whether or not the driver in question had acted in a reckless manner. Georgia Code 40-6-390 addresses the crime of reckless driving and defines it as driving without regard for the “safety of persons or property.” This is a rather broad definition, and though there is surely such a thing as driving recklessly, many people who are accused of this infraction may feel as though they were not intentionally endangering anyone or anything through their actions.

This is why anyone who is accused of reckless driving should immediately contact a Georgia traffic ticket lawyer as soon as they can. Many accidents that could appear to be due an act of recklessness on the surface may actually have been caused by some other factors. There could have been a physical ailment involved, or some type of weather issue, vehicle malfunction, or some other mitigating circumstance. A good GA traffic attorney with a background successfully defending clients who have been accused of reckless driving will sift through the details of the case, prepare a strong defense, and present your side of the case to the court.

The penalties for reckless driving in Georgia are significant. A conviction can result in as long as a year in jail a fine that can reach up to $1,000, the exact sentence being at the discretion of the judge. This is another good reason to retain the services of a GA traffic ticket attorney in cases of reckless driving, because even if you don’t contend that you are innocent, your lawyer will urge the court to exercise leniency during sentencing. The layperson simply can’t understand the system as well as an experienced professional, and when you are facing possible jail time and a hefty fine, you can’t afford to try to face a charge of reckless driving without qualified legal representation at your side.

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