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There are drivers on the road here in Georgia who get a speeding ticket now and then and consider it to be a routine occurrence that “happens to everyone.” They stuff the ticket into the glove box, pay the fine before the court date, and go about their business. What people with this attitude may not be taking into account is the Georgia points system. The fact is that when you get a ticket and pay it on time, that really is not the end of it. Each time someone in the state gets a speeding ticket for exceeding the limit by at least 15 miles per hour, points are assessed against their license. If a driver accumulates fifteen or more points over any two-year span of time, a mandatory suspension of their drivers license is the result. So every time you are cited for speeding or other moving violations, you are getting closer to losing your driving privileges.

The number of points that are assessed for speeding tickets varies depending on just how fast you were going. If you are clocked at 15 to 18 miles per hour over the limit you are assessed two points. If you are found to be exceeding the limit by 19 to 23 mph you get three points. Four points are assessed against those who exceed the limit by 24 to 33 miles per hour. And if you are found to be traveling at 34 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit, six points are assessed against your drivers license. When you look at these numbers it is easy to recognize how someone with a heavy foot could find themselves nearing fifteen points in a hurry.

The possibility of having your license suspended due the accrual of fifteen points or more during a twenty-four month period is very real, and this is why it is always wise to retain the services of an experienced Georgia speeding ticket lawyer any time you are cited for speeding. Any points you save along the way can be the difference between a suspension of your license and the ongoing ability to drive legally. Savvy GA traffic lawyers have the experience and expertise that it takes to minimize the imposition of points and advocate your innocence if reasonable doubt exists concerning the merit of the citation.

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