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Military Divorce

Military Divorce Lawyer in Augusta, GA

Our law firm is experienced in handling military related family law issues. Our firm has handled hundreds of military family law cases and military divorces.

All members of our staff have been connected to the military as Active Duty service members or military spouses. We are experienced in dealing with legal issues that arise during military service and well connected with local military units and installations such as Fort Gordon GA.

Military family law cases are often more challenging that the typical divorce. They require extensive experience in dealing with military deployments, military rules and regulations, military retirement and benefits, BAH and other pay and allowances as well as the ability to deal with the command and serve divorce, custody and other paperwork on the opposing party.

Augusta GA Military Divorce Lawyer

Matters of divorce and family law are very complex, and in these types of situations it is always best to retain the services of an experienced Georgia attorney who specializes in this area. Few of us have had extensive experience with divorce courts, the details of child custody law, child support statutes, or paternity matters.

All of these family law issues require advanced knowledge of the ever-changing legal codes, and they also call for familiarity with the appropriate courts and the filing requirements that are a part of the process. When you think about the maze of legalities that surround divorce and family related matters, it’s easy to recognize why you would need a GA divorce lawyer to help you get though it.

This is true of your typical divorce and family law proceedings between civilians here in Georgia. But what about people who are in the military? Divorce law pursuant to individuals who are serving in the United States armed forces is that much more complex.

There have been instances when soldiers who had been serving overseas come home to find that they are now “divorced” without ever having heard a single thing about it and without ever agreeing to anything. There are now laws in place to protect people who are serving our country from this type of thing, and savvy Georgia divorce lawyers can petition the courts to postpone the proceedings until their client is no longer on active duty.

But of course there are people serving in the military who agree to a divorce, and GA divorce lawyers have the expertise to execute the proper paperwork in those instances as well. Laws that are specifically applicable to armed services members apply to certain property division and child support matters as well.

The reality is that anyone who is getting a divorce or engaged in a child custody or child support matter should retain the services of a quality Georgia family lawyer. But if you are in the military and engaged in any of these matters, it is even more essential given the added level of intricacy that is involved with these cases.

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