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Speeding can increase the odds of getting injured when driving

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

The speed limits in Georgia and South Carolina are set to ensure you stay safe while driving on highways and city roads. Increasing the speed of your vehicle over these limits can boost the odds of getting injured if you’re involved in a car crash. Driving within the speed limit is essential to stay safe physically and help ensure others remain safe.

Speeding increases the odds of a car accident

It’s been shown that speeding can be detrimental if it’s done when you’re driving. When you increase the speed of your car by 10 mph, it doubles the odds of dying In a car wreck. In this situation, the mass and velocity of the vehicle can create a more significant impact. For example, if you increase your speed from 65 mph to 85 mph on the highway, the risk of dying in a car crash is quadrupled.

Mixing alcohol with speeding and driving

Consuming a few alcoholic drinks before getting into a vehicle may make you feel okay to drive. Unfortunately, alcohol can adversely affect your ability to react correctly when you’re driving. Essential elements, like reaction time and judgment, may be affected negatively, greatly decreasing your driving performance.

Relaxing after work and going to the bar may seem like a good idea when having fun with your coworkers. However, when you’re intoxicated and you drive a vehicle, you may be willing to take more risks and go faster, thinking you have complete control. In these situations, the effects of the alcohol may be giving you the impression you can drive better, but in reality, your reaction time and judgment may be compromised. Speeding while in this condition increases the potential for damage and injuries. Pedestrians and the drivers and passengers of other vehicles become more vulnerable.

Having the privilege to drive a motor vehicle requires responsibility. Staying within the speed limit can be critical to your safety and the safety of others. Driving sober is also recommended to help ensure your reaction time is the best it can be.