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Teens and driving dangers

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | DUI

Scores of drivers travel on South Carolina roads, and many are teenagers. Young drivers might benefit from being additionally cautious and avoiding common pitfalls that may lead to accidents.

Teens and their issues on the road

The earliest age a teenage driver can take to the roads is 16, meaning the driver has limited experience. Even a young person who puts enormous effort into learning safe driving during the learner’s permit phase will suffer from inexperience. Driving experience could help someone avoid poor decisions while operating a car, and inexperience might leave a teen driver unsure of how to address traffic problems.

Teens can be more social than adults, and they like to go to the movies, concerts and other events. They’ll often bring many friends with them, meaning more passengers are in the vehicle. Passengers could cause distractions, which might increase the potential for a collision.

There are several ways teens and adults might suffer from distractions. Teens may be more interested in paying attention to tech devices than the road. Texting while driving is one behavior that could put a young person in danger.

Furthers worries with teen drivers

Everyone at every age suffers from some level of stress. Unlike adults, teenagers may not handle stress as well due to youth and immaturity. School and home life could compound the stress young persons face, leading to distractions while driving. Also, stress may contribute to fatigue, resulting in a tired, inexperienced driver. Tired driving is often a factor in motor vehicle accidents.

Teen drivers might not be aware of the consequences of causing a collision. Reckless behavior, such as speeding, could leave a driver liable for injuries and property damage inflicted in an accident. Younger drivers may face civil action if they are found to be responsible for a crash.