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How to get a car accident report

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Personal Injury

Anyone involved in a Georgia car crash typically needs to report the matter to the local authorities. The location of the crash determines whether local police officers or the Georgia State Patrol come out to take the crash report. The overall approach to putting together a crash report is consistent regardless of what agency performs the investigation.

Law enforcement professionals ask questions of the people involved in the crash and any other witnesses. They document evidence and attempt to determine fault for the collision. They may need to obtain and review camera footage or mobile phone records as part of the investigative process.

While a police report is not always completely accurate, it can play an important role in the process of seeking justice after a Georgia collision. How can someone go about obtaining a copy of the crash report from the recent collision they experienced?

People have a right to obtain crash reports

The official police report related to a motor vehicle collision is part of the public record. The people involved in the collision and other members of the public typically have the right to request a copy of the crash report.

In cases where local police departments conducted the crash investigation, people may simply need to physically visit the police department, pay a fee based on the number of pages and collect a copy of the report. In some cases, they may need to return on a later date to collect a printed crash report after submitting a request. If the Georgia State Patrol investigated the crash and put together the report, it is possible to request a copy through a state website.

Those who find the red tape involved in requesting a report frustrating or inconvenient can also ask the lawyer assisting them after a wreck to handle that process. An attorney can submit a request for a crash report on behalf of a client. They can also assist their clients with handling insurance negotiations or filing a personal injury lawsuit following a Georgia collision.

Reviewing a police report is often an important early step for those hoping to see compensation after a motor vehicle collision. Those with the right information and support may have an easier time handling the legal and financial aftermath of a crash efficiently and effectively.