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Start Building Your Defense Against DUI Charges Now

Many people who are charged with a DUI can feel like they do not have options to defend their rights. No matter the circumstances of your DUI case, you can create a strong defense that helps you get the best possible outcome for your charges. At PJ Campanaro Attorney at Law, our knowledgeable attorney helps clients create a strong defense strategy that protects their rights and future.

Attorney PJ Campanaro has more than 20 years of legal experience, including time spent as both a prosecutor and litigator. This experience has allowed her to learn what strategies are effective in DUI cases and see how law enforcement can make serious mistakes when handling evidence. From our Evans, Georgia office, she defends the rights of clients throughout the August-Aiken metropolitan area. You can schedule your free consultation by calling us at 706-770-6868.

Do Not Let A Single Mistake Ruin Your Future

DUI convictions in Georgia, South Carolina or Tennessee can lead to hefty fines and lengthy jail sentences. A conviction can also ruin your reputation and may haunt your future for years to come. Because of these severe consequences, you should work with a skilled defense lawyer who will protect your civil rights.

Our firm carefully investigates every detail of our clients’ cases to create a personalized case strategy. We will examine how evidence was handled, how sobriety tests were administered and everything else related to your arrest. This close investigation allows us to create a defense based on the unique circumstances of your arrest.

We represent clients who are charged with a variety of DUI-related charges, including:

  • Driving a passenger vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Boating under the influence
  • Commercial drivers accused of driving under the influence

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You can schedule your free first meeting at our Evans office now to speak with an attorney. You can call us at 706-770-6868 or send us an email to set up your first meeting.